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7:30AM - 8:00AM

Paws & Tales with Insight for Living

C.J. befriends Saint Merrion, a member of "The Big White Church." When she decides not to return to her strange church to spend every day of her life telling others about Jesus, C.J. helps Saint Merrion realize she has a lot to learn about the world she hopes to witness to. Together they discover . . .
8:00AM - 9:00AM

The Christian Worldview with David Wheaton

GUEST: MIKE STONE, candidate for president, Southern Baptist ConventionHeresy is defined as “belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine.”For two millennia of church history, it has been the orthodox belief of Christians and churches who esteem Scripture as the highest authority that . . .
9:00AM - 9:30AM

Amplify Peace with Lisa Jernigan

We are a polarized nation and world. Political, religious, racial and gender polarization (and others) are increasingly dividing our churches, our communities, and families. These growing divides are reflected in our personal lives and relationships. There is a shifting and clashing within culture that is having huge ramifications today and will impact future generations. The time is now to listen, learn, and live differently.


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