The Plumb Line Radio Show

The Plumb Line exists to bring the Word of God to bear upon every issue and topic discussed. The show has two aims: to examine each issue from a Biblical worldview and to clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ so those tuning in know why we believe what we believe and have the opportunity to come to know this One we believe in.

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About Jay Rudolph

Jay Rudolph has worked in radio broadcasting for nearly four decades, first as sports director in Fond du Lac, WI and most recently as News Director with Kinship Radio for nearly 22 years. He gave his life to Christ in 1996 and has been called into a ministry of discernment on the radio, presenting issues from a Biblical worldview. He launched the program called The Plumb Line on AM 940 in Des Moines and at in December 2022, and the show is now expanding across the country. Jay is raising 100% of his support for it. Jay and his wife Amy have seven children and live in Iowa.


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