Let Us Reason

Let us Reason - A Christian Muslim Dialogue with Al Fadi is a unique show utilizing theology, apologetics, and evangelism to reach Muslims for Christ by comparing and contrasting Christian and Muslim doctrines.

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About Al Fadi

Al is a former Wahabbi Muslim from Saudi Arabia. He is a researcher, editor, writer, and translator for numerous ministries, including "Answering Islam", “Desiring God”, and “JesusOnLine”.

Al is the director of an outreach Ministry (The Center for Islamic Research & Awareness – CIRA) which focuses on bringing awareness about Islam, to build bridges with Muslims, to train on outreach and evangelize to Muslims, and to provide expert opinion on issues related to Political Islam & Sharia Law.

Al was also involved as a co-editor, co-author and contributor of "The Qur'an Dilemma" (English Book – Vol. 1) - a critical analysis book of the Qur'an. He also managed TheQuran.com blog & social media.  Al has a Masters in Engineering and is currently working on completing his M.Div. in Biblical Communications.


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