IMPORTANT: It's a Serious Matter of Life

Woman Bona Fide

Danielle Zeder is a speaker, writer, nurse, ministry leader, and friend. Her most important roles, however, are wife to R. J. and mother of two teenage sons. She is a born and raised South Side Chicago gal true and true and loves the Chicago Cubs even though she is a South Sider.  She now loves to call the desert in Arizona her home. Come on now, it’s a dry heat!
Danielle is passionate about leading women towards authenticity and purpose in their everyday lives. Danielle is a truth teller but does so with love, humor, and grace. As a nurse for 25 years, she definitely believes that laughter is the best medicine. Danielle believes life lessons should never be overlooked and a hurt in life should never go to waste.
While Danielle will tell you her relationship with Jesus is at the center of everything she does, she also respects every woman is not a believer and may be on her own spiritual journey. She prefers to be known as a Bible seeker, not a Bible thumper, and can often be found at church on Sundays in jeans and a casual shirt. Why? Because God loves us unconditionally just as we are on Sundays and every other day of the week, even in the midst of life’s messes.

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