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The Where Hope Lives Podcast exists to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking around the world and provide practical ways to help fight this modern form of slavery. 


Where Hope Lives

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About Jeff May, Skye Steele, Irene

Jeff May Bio

Jeff May is a passionate and committed professional with over 30 years’ experience in nonprofit leadership and philanthropy. Combining a passion for underserved communities and his gifts and talents, Jeff has spent his career serving the needs of people in his community. The first 20 years of Jeff’s career were exclusively spent in the faith community as a pastor. During this time, he learned the importance of being a champion for people who are in a season of life where they need extra help from their community.

While in the faith community, Jeff served at some of the largest churches in the nation and oversaw hundreds of volunteers on a weekly basis. He also gained valuable experience raising capital for various campaigns both inside and outside of the faith community. During this time, he began working with people who were recovering from substance abuse and survivors of human trafficking. This work developed into a passion which has provided him the opportunity to be the Executive Director of the Dream City Foundation since 2018.

The Dream City Foundation exists to help people reach their dreams in the arts, education, and outreach. During his time at the Dream City Foundation, he founded the Stop Traffic Walk, which is a national walk to raise awareness and funds to Where Hope Lives, which is the largest human trafficking organization in North America; the second largest in the world. This charity Walk began in Phoenix and has spread to other communities around the country, with a goal to have walks in every major community across the United States.

Jeff is a graduate of Evangel University and resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Jann, three children, and one grandchild. His family is the greatest joy in Jeff’s life.

Skye Steele Bio

Skye has worked in non-profit management and ministry for the last twenty years. She received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at California State University, Northridge and completed doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology through Argosy University. Prior to joining the anti-trafficking movement in 2009, Skye developed programs and worked directly with victims of trauma with various social service and ministry organizations such as Devereux Behavioral Health, Banner Hospital, the Phoenix Dream Center, Child & Family Support Services, Alongside Ministry, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Southwest Behavioral Health. Her background includes providing support to women, children, teens, and high-risk families in the greater Phoenix area and abroad.

When Skye joined the anti-trafficking movement in 2009, her journey with helping victims of human trafficking began. She is the Founder of the Phoenix Dream Center's Human Trafficking Program and is Chairperson of the Board of Directors for StreetlightUSA. Skye currently mentors women in Perryville prison who are victims of trauma, and she works alongside her husband, Brian Steele overseeing the Phoenix Dream Center which serves over 200 individuals in their housing programs. Skye, her husband Brian, and their son Levi are a ministry-minded family who love to see Gods people set free.

Skye and Brian have served together for over 15 years in domestic inner city and foreign mission field Ministries.

Irene’s Bio

Irene is originally from Ohio but grew up in Arizona where she graduated high school in 2000. In her mid-twenties, she fell into the dark world of sexual exploitation and was trafficked for several years. By the grace of God, she was “the one” who escaped that life. After a deep season of healing and restoration she got a call from God to help survivors of Human Trafficking. Irene connected with the Where Hope Live Program at the Phoenix Dream Center where she discovered her true passion and purpose to walk alongside survivors!

Irene currently manages the Men’s Human Trafficking Program at the Phoenix Dream Center where they rescue and recover survivors from the age of 18 to 26 years old out of sex and labor trafficking. In addition, she assists with the Phoenix Dream Center’s 24-7 Human Trafficking Hotline. Irene also serves as the outreach director of a private drop-in location called The Fountain that is used to serve survivors being trafficked on the streets, providing them with resources and love weekly. She has served 1000’s of survivors through the Fountain over the last 2 years.

Irene is certified in Trauma Informed Care and works monthly with the Phoenix, Glendale, and the Scottsdale law enforcement H.E.A.T unit, assisting with survivor advocacy on their HUG operations. She is passionate about every opportunity to meet survivors and encourage them to come out of the darkness like she was able to do! Irene enjoys serving at her home Church, Church for the Nations in Chandler where she is on the leadership team.


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