Unwanted Fraternity

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The Unwanted Fraternity. A coed fraternity of broken people who understand one another simply because of our circumstances. If you are unquestionably broken, you are not alone. This won’t take the pain away, but it may help to know there are hosts of people and God Himself who understand what you’re feeling. One day death will be swallowed up where there is no more. Until then, Jesus knows your pain and wants to walk with you in it - and so do we. Welcome to the Unwanted Fraternity.


Unwanted Fraternity

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About Greg and Jen Tonkinson

Greg and Jennifer Tonkinson are speakers, educators, parents, but what might most define them is they are members of the Unwanted Fraternity. Greg lost his wife Leigh Ann in 2010 when she was hit from behind in a car accident that instantly killed her, leaving behind a husband and three small children. Jennifer’s marriage of twelve years ended in 2011 when her husband walked out on her and her two small boys. The Tonkinsons met early in 2012 and were married in December, 2013. Together, they have what they call a wonderfully messy family! Greg (Bible) and Jennifer (Lang. Arts) are both educators for Valley Christian Schools, Chandler, AZ.

Greg holds degrees from Arizona State University, Phoenix Seminary, and Talbot School of Theology. Jennifer holds a degree from Baylor University.


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