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Reformed Living Bible Church believes that persevering in the pursuit of holiness is the essence of biblical Christianity.

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About John Politan

Mr. Politan graduated from Phoenix Seminary with a Masters of Divinity in 2001.  He served as teaching pastor at Scottsdale Bible Church from 1999-2001 and at Northwest Community Church from 2002-2005.  He has been married to his wife Terri, for 29 years. They attended Scottsdale Bible Church for 28 years, and recently launched Reformed Living Ministries Bible Study.  For more information log onto

In addition to teaching Reformed Living, Mr. Politan is also a practicing attorney.  In the last five years, his transactional practice has focused extensively on restructuring the asset holdings of numerous non-profit entities, including churches, schools, adoption agencies, and other faith-based organizations and institutions, and crafting the organizational and governing documents and structures related thereto.


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