Raising Greatness

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Raising Greatness with Tracey Martin. Tracey Martin is a Disruptor of the current destructive agenda. She is a Guardian of the teens, young adults and their parents that she coaches. She is a Maveryk, living her life at the optimal level of discipline and moral conviction. Her heart is for our kids and helping them reclaim their faith, values and work ethic that are now obsolete. Tracey is a Certified Transformational Life Coach with over 30 years of experience. She is a licensed Brain Health Trainor, and a 4th generation entrepreneur. She is a wife, mom of two young women, and a blessed grandma!


Raising Greatness

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About Tracey Martin

I am a fourth-generation entrepreneur and relentless visionary. When my sister and I decided as young girls that we wanted to be veterinarians, our dad nailed together a clinic sign and told us to go find animals to take care of. Anything was possible. When our family business came crashing down, we watched our parents worked tirelessly every day to rebuild what we had lost, without complaining. I grew up knowing no one would hand me anything. I had to work for whatever I wanted in life. Resilience, integrity, and grit are in my blood.


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