Motherhood Mindset with Stephanie Pletka

Hey mama, are you ready to live life to the full instead of the busy, exchanging guilt for grace? With humor and relatable stories, we’ll find goodness in the hard places. It’s time to become the person God created you to be, Yourself! Here’s to Living Your Best Life!
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Stephanie Pletka is a motivational speaker and author of Living Your Best Life. With humor, she tells relatable stories to help women let go of what doesn’t serve them, to chase their dreams and write their story. She’s a mom of 4 who who turned her pain into a platform of change to help moms find the goodness in the hard places. A family of 6, they hit the road for a life of adventure, traveling, educating and working on the road, visiting 45 states and 10 countries. She now resides in Scottsdale, AZ enjoying the beauty of the West.

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