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It's Time! is a radio show, Podcast and broadcast offering found on an array of SM platforms. The show is hosted by John P. Libby, commonly known as “The Liberator”. The show is a part of the TCB Network. It's Time! is dedicated to Enlighten, Encourage and Empower everyday people on the topics that matter most. In doing so we are committed to increasing the individual awareness of relevant and even challenging social, economic, political and spiritual subjects of our times. In bringing about awareness, we endeavor to reveal the powerful authorizations and wide access people have at their rightful and ready disposal as committed Christ following American citizens.

The goal of the It's Time! show is to ultimately, through honest knowledge and truthful referencing, cause the listener to gain a fresh and genuine sense of personal empowerment. This deliberate offering affords them the knowledge and courage to take corresponding actions that will result in making significant differences in their unique areas of influence. Chiefly, the entire premise of the It's Time! show is an absolute appeal to the most common denominator among us…the individual person. Because without YOU there is no US.


About John Libby

Originally from the Land of over 10,000 lakes, John has a long-established reputation for bringing successful strategies and innovation to American business, political and ministry roles stretching over the past three decades. Known to many as “The Liberator”, John brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm to all he does.

Back in Minnesota John’s family includes a long list of successful entrepreneurial business people. Among them his father Jack Libby started, owned and operated an international plastics company for many years. His great uncle Curt Carlson remains one of the most recognized CEOs in the country having founded one of the largest privately held companies in the United States.

John currently is involved in several national business ventures, including Imagewërks Marketing, True Colors Broadcasting Network and RoboraCorp. He also serves on and contributes via several non-profit boards and committees. In addition, John is very active politically as an advocate, consultant, and donor at local, state and federal levels.

The Libby family gladly consider Dream City Church located in Phoenix, Arizona their spiritual and pastoral covering. Both John and Char are very active in numerous ministry roles. Not the least of which center around deliverance, evangelism, and discipleship efforts.

John and Char Libby have been married for 30 years. They have two adult sons. The oldest Tim is a single severely disabled adult living in Phoenix. And Michael lives in Manitoba Canada with his wife Andrea, who he met on a YWAM missions’ trip to Uganda.

Life Verse: Matthew 25:23
“Well Done” is by far better than simply “Welcome”


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