John Hagensen

John Hagensen

On the show, John Hagensen exposes industry myths for truth seekers who are fed up with outdated financial advice.  As a reformed broker turned fiduciary, John sets out to reaffirm what you know to be true and to challenge the advice you may have been told is true. John and the Creative Planning team manage over a $225 billion dollars for those nearing and into retirement, and each week he offers unique insights by sharing his vast experience with you.

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John serves as a Managing Director at Creative Planning, overseeing offices in Arizona and North Dakota. He also works directly with clients to create and maintain a customized financial plan addressing all aspects holistically, including investments, tax planning, risk management, retirement, employee benefits and estate planning.  Additionally, John focusses on helping clients align their money and values to experience their richest life.  John hosts a weekly radio show titled “Rethink Your Money” and has authored two books, including his most recent, “The Retirement Flight Plan.” 



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