Summit Life with Pastor J.D. Greear

Summit Life with Pastor J.D. Greear

About Summit Life

Summit Life is a daily, 25-minute program, featuring the gospel-centered ministry of J.D. Greear. Summit Life with J.D. Greear is dedicated to calling people up to a joyous, reckless, generous, and audacious life of faith by learning more about God’s extravagant love found in Christ. In each engaging half-hour, J.D. Greear shares challenging biblical truths that inspire listeners to have daily encounters with Jesus Christ and his transformative grace.
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World-Renowned Wisdom
Have you ever noticed that most of us have different personas for different places? We have our “work self,” our “home self,” and our “church self.” It’s not that we want to be hypocritical or disingenuous.

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We can see God’s goodness in the past—at the cross of Calvary. We can see God’s goodness in the future—when Jesus returns, taking the dark and making it light, taking the wrongs and making them right. But what about now, here … in the middle? Most of our Bible was written by people who were waiting on the goodness of God to break in. Most of our lives are lived there, too. What would it look like if we trusted God—not just in the past, not just in the future … but trusted his goodness in the middle? Reserve your copy of Goodness in the Middle: A Study of Psalm 23 now.


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