Summit Life with Pastor J.D. Greear

Summit Life with Pastor J.D. Greear

About Summit Life

Summit Life is a daily, 25-minute program, featuring the gospel-centered ministry of J.D. Greear. Summit Life with J.D. Greear is dedicated to calling people up to a joyous, reckless, generous, and audacious life of faith by learning more about God’s extravagant love found in Christ. In each engaging half-hour, J.D. Greear shares challenging biblical truths that inspire listeners to have daily encounters with Jesus Christ and his transformative grace.
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The Power of Sex
Many people get uneasy when the preacher starts talking about personal issues.  Especially when the subject is sex. But the fact is, sex is one of the few issues that’s addressed in nearly every book of the Bible. God has a lot to say about this topic, and in this series called From the Beginning, J.D. will explore the Scriptures for clarity and direction on sexual expression and cultivating healthy relationships.

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Request He Is Here: 25 Devotions for Advent now.

Through these devotions, you’ll see how central God’s presence is not only in the Christmas season, but to the entire story of the Bible. God isn’t distant. God isn’t absent. God is here. I promise you: By Christmas morning (and probably well before that!), you will be worshiping.


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