Moments with You Couples Devotional 3/12


Thankful for the Change

You were continually straying like sheep, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls. 1 P ETER 2:25

“It almost seems as though our family has moved out of this house and another family has moved in.” That’s how one couple described the transformation that God brought about in their marriage after they attended one of FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage conferences.

Another woman told how she threatened her abusive husband that she would end their marriage if he didn’t go to the conference with her. She had the divorce papers in her pocket, ready to sign. “I am so thankful he chose to go. He cried for the entire weekend as we broke down 20 years worth of brick walls. His entire attitude and outlook have done a one-eighty.” We host more than 150 of these getaways every year in cities all over the United States, helping thousands of couples rediscover what they saw in each other in the first place . . . and more. But it’s not just because we’re there. It’s because God is there. Working.

One couple, who admitted that their fighting and bitterness toward each other had only increased in the weeks leading up to the conference, shared how on Saturday night—the date night of the weekend—“we communicated about issues we never even thought to talk about before. We laughed. We cried. In fact, we were so caught up [that] when we looked up at the clock, we realized it was almost 9 P.M. We hadn’t even had dinner! We have never been as open and honest with each other.”

Maybe you’re not the conference-going type. Maybe you prefer the ongoing process of working things out every day. But I promise you, you’d be surprised to see what God can do with one weekend devoted solely to seeking Him and His best for your marriage.

When was the last time you went away together for a weekend and invested in your marriage? What could be better in your marriage with just a little time to stop and think about it?

Ask God to show you ways that you can invest in one another and in your marriage on an ongoing basis.

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