Moments with You Couples Devotional 3/2


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If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. 1 JOHN 1:8

Part of our job as parents is dealing with the sins of our children. Correcting misbehavior, admonishing them for mistakes in judgment and disciplining them for their own good make up a fairly big wedge on the parenting pie chart. But I believe it's also important that we never develop the impression that our children are the only ones who ever come up short in the character department.

They need to know that the two grown-ups they know best in life confess their sins and need forgiveness, too. Raising children, perhaps more than any other assignment in life, reveals your true character. The spiritual discipline of admitting your own sin is part of what makes your parenting real and genuine. I can't count the number of times I made a mistake and needed to ask one of my children for forgiveness. Like the time one of our children stepped on my favorite fly rod. It not only snapped, but so did I. I grabbed the remaining
pieces of that rod and began to break them against my bent leg in a fit of anger.

Barbara was stunned. The children scurried and scattered to their bedrooms like bugs. Thirty minutes later, I called a family meeting and apologized for my sin. I'm not just talking about when your sin is something directed solely at your children—they also need to hear how you deal with things like covetousness or pride or retaliation. If you are honest about your own sins, they won't feel so funny admitting them to you, talking about them and learning how you handle them.

Your children need to know they're living with people who are totally dependent on the mercy and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. They need parents who are not afraid to admit they fail and need the Savior's forgiveness, just like they do.

Is there a particular sin that you know you should confess to your children?

Pray that you will show your children how to be a true follower of Christ. 

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