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How Should Christians Deal with Anger?

Anger is our passionate response to a life circumstance, event, or condition. The feeling is usually undue and sinful, but can be positive and helpful. Anger is sinful and undue anytime ill-will or revenge is desired. This determination is based on the fruits of the Spirit indwelling the believer.

How Is 'Hating Evil' an Act of Spiritual Warfare?

Sadly, it is our love of evil, though cleverly masked, that prevents the sanctification process from proceeding. Indeed, our calling as believers, which is to be transformed into the image of Christ, continues to be shipwrecked until this is remedied.

7 Ways to Tame a Critical Spirit

Our critical hearts and minds must first be renewed to think like Christ, so our tongues don’t spew forth venom. If you’re like me and fear that you come across as critical at times, but don’t want to, here are seven ways to tame a critical spirit.

What Secrets about Fatherhood Can a Carpenter Teach?

Growing up, I was always obsessed with my dad’s work as a carpenter. Many of his stories and life lessons were wood-related or shop-themed; and from his wisdom and example, I learned how to not only become a great craftsman but also a man of God.

4 Biblical Fathers to Thank Dad For Emulating

If you want to skip the card-buying crowd this year, and long for ways to express gratitude to the father figures in your life, you might find it helpful to learn from the lives of biblical men. Here are four courageous men who set an example of faithful, godly fatherhood. May they inspire your own note to your father this year.

How to Be Confident That Your Past Doesn't Define Who You Are

We throw away things that are past their usefulness. But why don’t we throw away things in our past that hinder us? For many, allowing the past to stay in the past is difficult. Hurtful memories or bad choices affect present behaviors. Worst of all, we allow the past to define us. Here are 10 biblical truths about who you really are—forgiven, loved, and redeemed.

9 Important Things I Learned from My Dad

While my dad never will be famous, his words — and more importantly, his actions — taught me a great deal. From partnering to problem-solving and more, here are nine important things I learned from my dad.

How Can I Resolve Conflict in a Biblical Way? 7 Easy Steps

Healthy conflict clears up misunderstandings and helps address negative feelings in a positive way. Unfortunately, many go through life trying to avoid conflict, while others may create conflict. Neither response is healthy or beneficial in our relationships. Pray together, or send up a silent prayer, before you go through these seven steps to help you resolve conflicts biblically.

How to Overcome the Inner Scars of Abuse

Abuse is cloaked in many forms, and each type inflicts wounds—physically, internally, or both. Both can successfully heal if given the proper treatment, but both will also leave a permanent scar— some faint and not easily noticed, and others disfiguring and unforgettable.

What Are You Addicted To? Warning Signs and Ways to Overcome

Addiction can look like the woman who has lost her grip on shopping, the patient who is overmedicating with prescription drugs, or my personal addiction: overeating. Anything we do in excess is addiction, and no one should judge another's struggle. Admit your addiction, seek help, and forgive yourself on the journey to healing.

8 Life-Giving Ways to Care for Your Soul

Cognizant that it is the very nature of our soul to need, we must become intentional about meeting its needs. The care of our soul does require our time and attention, but all of our soul’s needs are met in God.

The Hidden Disadvantages of Being Given Advantages

We are all called to a unique purpose in life, but that purpose doesn’t always reveal itself early on. Often it takes considerable personal digging. But what happens when you’re not allowed to dig and you are handed everything? Advantages in life come in many shapes and sizes, from lucky breaks to wealthy relatives, and seem to give us a leg up. However, all those advantages may lead to three hefty disadvantages.

How to Break Up with Guilt

God's love is the very best antidote to counterfeit guilt. When you’re soaking in God’s love, you can break up with false expectations or negative judgments on your behavior. Your eyes are too busy focusing on the beauty of Christ and His unchanging love for you.

Truth Heals: 5 Reasons to Stop Hiding Anxiety and Depression

Christians who wrestle with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression often feel the need to hide these struggles from their brothers and sisters. Perhaps they encountered a member of their church who told them anxiety came from a lack of faith and they needed to just believe more. Or maybe they met with another well-meaning Christian who told them depression “is all in your head” and they needed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and keep going.


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