How to Stay Out of the Doghouse and in Love with Your Wife

Genesis 2:24 teaches that when a man leaves his parents to marry a wife, they then become one flesh. Thus, since the two souls are joined, what makes one happy will make the union happy. Here are 8 ways to pursue godly peace and love with your wife.

3 Myths and 3 Truths about Fatherhood

Men deeply desire to be good examples to their children. I'm a father, and I've talked about fatherhood with countless other dads. Those conversations and my own experiences have allowed me to peer into these rugged realities of fatherhood.

3 Inspiring Ways Mike Pence Lives His Faith

So, what is it about Mike Pence that sets him apart from the typical politician who claims faith as a badge to be worn during the campaign, but to be disregarded once the votes are cast and the ballots counted? Allow me to share three with you.

Is Porn Considered Adultery?

The Bible teaches that adultery is any lustful, sexual urge, or sexual intercourse with someone other than a spouse provided neither spouse has been previously divorced for any reason other than sexual immorality. Pretty clear proof that porn is adultery. Here's why.

20 Christian Birthday Gifts for Men

Shopping for men can be difficult. They already have tons of ties, clothes, and probably more bottles of cologne than they know what to do with. It can be hard picking out the perfect gift, especially when you are looking for something meaningful.

4 Kinds of Men: Which Kind Are You?

Is there only one kind of man? Are there as many “kinds” of men as there are men? As pertains to character, I’d like to suggest, there are only four.

4 Powerful Reasons Your Church Needs More Men

The prominence and predominance of women in American churches is not a new phenomenon. So, is it a problem? Yes. Here are four powerful reasons why attracting more men can reap major benefits to all.

How to Teach Boys to Respect Women

Every Christian teaches the next generation of men, since all of us are responsible for building up the body of Christ. So what’s most important in rearing boys to respect women?

Are You Brave Enough to Accept the Ultimate Initiation?

For those who accept His invitation, a great adventure awaits. It’s the adventure of entering death and resurrection in the company of Jesus. You will come out more of a man than you can possibly imagine, more alive than you can possibly conceive. But first, you have to say yes.

What Secrets about Fatherhood Can a Carpenter Teach?

Growing up, I was always obsessed with my dad’s work as a carpenter. Many of his stories and life lessons were wood-related or shop-themed; and from his wisdom and example, I learned how to not only become a great craftsman but also a man of God.

9 Important Things I Learned from My Dad

While my dad never will be famous, his words — and more importantly, his actions — taught me a great deal. From partnering to problem-solving and more, here are nine important things I learned from my dad.

What Does it Look Like to Be a 'God-Fearing Man'?

Society will tell us: a man is to be both strong physically and emotionally with a rough and rugged exterior; or a ‘God-fearing’ man doesn’t have tattoos, long hair, or piercings; or it’s unholy or heathenistic to wear t-shirts and jeans to Sunday service. Fortunately, the Bible provides us with 10 clear ways to be a God-fearing man.


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