The Chosen to Release First Scene From Season 4 as Filming Wraps

The hit series The Chosen will offer viewers a first look at a scene taken from its upcoming fourth season after filming was completed.

In an email released July 25, The Chosen team announced filming for Season 4 was almost completed and that they will share a scene from the new season.

"Before we're even done filming, Dallas already has a new scene to show you!" they said.

Viewers will also be able to watch the new scene during a live stream on July 30 that will premiere on Facebook, YouTube, and The Chosen app. Additionally, the live stream will include a Q&A with Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus on the show, some announcements, and discounts on merchandise before the video is taken down at midnight.

The announcement comes after The Chosen was briefly impacted by the actor's strike that started on Friday, July 14. A day earlier, the show's director creator and director Dallas Jenkins explained to "The Chosen" that to pause filming due to not being granted an exemption before the strike took place.

Following the break on Friday, however, the show was able to continue filming the following Monday after being granted a waiver as requested.

As reported by Church Leaders, The Chosen recently ranked third on Amazon Prime Video's most-watched TV shows, trailing behind "The Summer I Turned Pretty" and "Jack Ryan."

"Whoa, #3 in the US on @PrimeVideo and still climbing," the show wrote on July 25. "We're coming for you, Jim. Er, Jack."

The show also currently ranked No. 4 on Amazon's most-watched TV shows and was recently featured on the cover of TV Guide. On July 16, the CW television network premiered "The Chosen" for the first time ever.

"Did you ever imagine a Jesus show would be on the cover of TV Guide?" the show tweeted. "This feels historic. Get used to different, indeed. This points people to the airing of all three seasons on Sunday nights on The CW."

Despite its popularity, The Chosen has had its share of controversies, including accusations of being influenced by the teachings of the Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-day Saints. The show received backlash in May after a crew member displayed a Pride flag on set.

In response to both issues, Jenkins said the following.

"We've made it clear from the beginning we don't have a religious or political litmus test for who can work on our show," he said regarding the Pride flag controversy. "I love our cast and crew, especially because even though they all come from different backgrounds and beliefs, they work their butts off for the show and the viewers. The show's official stance on anything is to be found in the content of the show.'"

He also denied the claims that the show was being influenced by the teachings of the Latter-day Saints and stressed that he consulted with Bible scholars in the creation of the show.

'Is this plausible? Does this fit within the character of Jesus and the Gospels?' And if so, we believe that we have the opportunity to fill in some gaps," he said in an interview on "The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast."

Photo credit: ©The Chosen/Angel Studios

Milton Quintanilla is a freelance writer and content creator. He is a contributing writer for Christian Headlines and the host of the For Your Soul Podcast, a podcast devoted to sound doctrine and biblical truth. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary.



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